Education Seminar – July 18, 2024

IIBEC Mid-Atlantic Chapter Seminar
1625 Eye Street Suite 700
Washington, DC 20006
July 18, 2024

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1.Resilient Roofing- Meeting ASCE 7-16 Standard

Presenter: Mike McGann, ACP, LLC / Elevate

 About the Presentation: The purpose of this course is to discuss how the new ASCE 7-16 standard contributes to resilient roofing systems.

Learning Objectives:
– Review changes of ASCE 7-16 standard.
– Gain a working knowledge of wind speed impact on design and installation practices.
– Understand how ASCE 7-16 affects roof installation methods.
– Explain how wind speeds relate to wind design practices and warranty coverage.

 About the Presenter: Mike McGann is from ACP, LLC with Elevate, who he has been with for 5 years. Mike’s background is heavily technical from being inspector/investigator for warranties with competing manufacturers as well as a national trainer and instructor in low-slope roofing.

2. Polymeric Liquid-Applied Membranes (PMMA/PMA) for Waterproofing

Presenter: Mark Hronicek – Soprema, Building Envelope, Waterproofing, and Deck Coatings

 About the Presentation: The course examines rapid curing, polymeric liquid-applied waterproofing membranes for demanding applications. Discussions include the history of PMMA, PMMA system components and characteristics, the installation process, and the versatility of PMMA products.

Learning Objectives:
– Describe the origins and composition of liquid-applied PMMA waterproofing
– Explain the performance characteristics and applications of liquid-applied membranes, specifically in their use to preserve existing building components.
– Demonstrate the speed of application as it pertains to reduced impact on building occupants.
– Provide visual examples of liquid-applied installations of PMMA waterproofing and trafficable systems, along with the key components for successful installation.

About the Presenters: Mark has been a CSI member for 27 years and Past President of the Sacramento Chapter, along with being a current Committee Chair for IIBEC Northern California. As an Architectural Representative, he has experience providing technical support for contractors, architects, consultants, and building owners verifying code and design compliance and compiling details for waterproofing, air barriers, commercial roofing, as well as traffic and specialty deck coatings.

3. Green Roof / Solar Integration in D.C.

Presenter: John Parker – District Green

 About the Presentation: A green roof sits directly on top of a crucial component of the building envelope and is designed to store water there for significant periods of time. This course will illustrate the importance of rigorous design, detailing, and specification to ensure compatibility between components in the entire roof assembly, competitive pricing, meaningful warranties, successful water retention, and optimal plant growth together with a robust and long-lasting roofing system.

Learning Objectives:
– Familiarity with the components – both roofing and green roofing – and options for each depending on structure, substrate, building type, and other factors.
– Understanding of phasing on a project and how to plan for a successful green roof within the context of an active new-construction jobsite.
– Understanding of what can go wrong with a green roof and how to avoid problems. Items for analysis include details, coordination between design team and trades, timing of work, seasonality, and on-going Stewardship needs.
– Understanding of solar integration – what does “solar ready” really mean for an integrated green roof and solar system. What are the benefits of using the green roof to ballast the solar array, and what are the other considerations?
– Consider the health, safety, and welfare of occupants in buildings.

About the Presenters: John Parker is a green building professional with 25 years of experience with green roofs. After 16 years practicing Landscape Architecture on six continents, for the last 9 years he has led Business Development at Furbish, a Baltimore-based leader in green roofs and walls. He is energized by the bold move forward from sustainable to regenerative buildings, and grateful to be participating in that advance.

4. Concrete Repair and Protection

Presenter: Randall Kratz – Sika Sarnafil

About the Presentation: The leading cause of concrete deterioration on a building and garage structures is corrosion of the steel reinforcement resulting in a diminished appearance, liability concern, and expensive repairs. Learn the roof causes of corrosion, how to evaluate the existing conditions, and to select the optimal protection from inhibitors to sealers to coatings to keep your structure safe, appealing, and free from corrosion damage.

Learning Objectives:
– Review concrete structures in building envelopes and garage structure construction.
– Define the causes for deterioration of reinforced concrete.
– How to prevent deterioration during construction.
– Protection of concrete surfaces.

About the Presenters: Randall Kratz is a graduate of Drexel University with a degree in commerce and engineering He has over 30 years experience with Sika Corporation in the field of concrete repair, strengthening, and protection. He is a long-time member of the International Concrete Repair Institute and has served on the board of the Baltimore/Washington Chapter.

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Jul 18 2024


8:00 am - 4:00 pm


1625 Eye Street NW
Washington, DC